Russian fears

If you think the media is negative about CEE, try the headlines about Russia:

Russian economy contracts 11 percent in May
…or Russian Stimulus ‘Delay’ Means GDP to Shrink 6.8%, OECD Says
…or the FT’s front page headline Russia considers bail-out for banks


One response to “Russian fears

  1. There was a tendency in the international press several months ago to treat the CEE region as a homogeneous unit, thereby failing to differentiate between the most affected and the least affected countries.

    However, this is less apparent today.

    As far as the first two above-mentioned pieces on Russia are concerned, the foreign media are simply reporting on recently published official data/forecasts which, for the most part, are probably not too far from the truth.

    I would be much more concerned if simplistic and misleading generalisations about the region resurfaced.

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