ECM announces 6-month figures for 2009

They’re not terribly pretty, but at least they’re out there: ECM has released its first half results for 2009.

The highlights (or low lights…)

-Net rental and related income increased by 56.5 % to EUR 7.2 million (H1 2008 restated: EUR 4.6 million )

-NAV decreased by 19% Y-t-D to EUR 112 million (12/31/2008: EUR 139 million); undiluted NAV per share stood at EUR 16.36 (12/31/2008: EUR 20.28)

-Net operating loss before net financing results of EUR -8.1 million (H1 2008: EUR -3.9 million loss)

-Reported net loss of EUR 18.56 million (H1 2008: EUR 19.9 million loss)

-Total assets decreased by 23% to EUR 518.9 million (12/31/2008: EUR 677.9 million)

-Total equity decreased by 21.5% to EUR 74.8 million (12/31/2008: EUR 95.3 million)

The link.


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