Las Vegas on the Danube

About a year ago (in 2008), rumors began to surface in Bratislava that a big casino project was being prepared to the south of town, but they never materialized. Until today, when the Hungarian developer TriGranit announced a project called


Metropolis, to be built at the crossroads of the D2 and D4, roads that lead to Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

The €1.5 bn, 1.2m sqm built area project doesn’t lack for ambition. The first phase includes: a shopping center, an aquapark and leisure center, three hotels, and a casino (described as US-style). Conference facilities, a golf course, more casinos and luxury flats are to follow. Obviously not intended just for the Bratislava market, the developer draws its catchment area out 220 km.


2 responses to “Las Vegas on the Danube

  1. I suggest a team building there when the project is going to be delivered 😀

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