Anti-Auchan activism in Hungary

The Internet’s great for spreading information between people all around the world. It’s also great for organizing people against developments they don’t like. Not that the extension of a parking lot at Auchan’s Dunakeszi store looks stoppable at this point. Local citizens don’t like the fact it will ruin a marshy area near the existing lot.

Citizens of Dunakeszi, activists in environmental protectionism and students rallied on Saturday for the marsh of Dunakeszi. Some weeks ago a debate had broken out among the defenders of the marsh (in Hungarian: láp) and the Auchan supermarket deciding to extend its parking lot on the marsh.

Two organizations, the Live Chain for Hungary (Élőlánc Magyarországért) and the Dunakeszi Peat Pond Environmentalist Foundation (Tőzegtó Környezetvédelmi Alapítvány) started a campaign against the extension of the supermarket, as according to them, the permission for the constructions is based upon an inappropriate statement made by László S. Nagy.


One response to “Anti-Auchan activism in Hungary

  1. Dear Readers!

    Some significant pieces of information are missing from this news:

    1. The organizations activity is supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences! (the most significant group of scientists)

    2. The land is part of the protected National Ecological Net.

    3. The Dunakeszi Peat Pond is the last fragment of the former peat-bog ring-zone around capital Budapest, so it is an environmental, cultural and historical memory/heritage as well.

    4. Auchan says they “protect the nature” etc., this is against of their own mentality also.

    5. Several other natural values were destroyed in the recent past.

    6. 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity.

    I advice to show these information also!

    Thanx, Teo

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