Gallerie Moda deal off?

Gallerie Moda is that shopping mall you see flying into Prague where no cars are ever parked, because it never opened. Originally called Airport Outlet Center, the project failed to beat out its competition, Fashion Arena. Two years ago in CIJ, we wrote how the project’s investors had changed the name to Gallerie Moda, but that apparently didn’t help it either.

Last year, it was supposedly bought out by the Italian developer Premium Retail, which went back to the original idea and rebranded it as Praha Outlet Village. The transaction is even counted by some in the end of year figures. Sources say, however, that the deal is now off. This is unconfirmed,  so we’ll be seeking more information on this, however the project is no longer listed on the company’s website. The brochure’s can still be seen here, though, for those who are interested.


One response to “Gallerie Moda deal off?

  1. Someone close to the original developer B.Consulting confirmed already during last MAPIC, that the deal with Premium Retail is off.

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