The Ott blog

JF Ott has gone on the media offensive, it appears, launching his own blog to make sure his voice gets heard. Having soft launched at the end of March, it’s gone live with an English and Czech version to the French offering. Here’s a taste from yesterday’s offering:

An April 3rd article in « Le Monde » speaks of Orco, noting that the company could “change bosses” at the next Shareholders General Assembly. But I doubt shareholders would welcome this change if they knew the people proposed for the new board. The article only sites the directors of the companies of Millenius, Clannathorne Stern and Bugle Investments without bothering to delve further into what these persons have done so far in their lives.

Millenius is Gaël Paclot, director of a British Virgin Island off-shore called Carilo. This person, whom I’ve never met, bought 2 million euros worth of Orco shares when they were worth €100 a share upon the advice of Marc Catellani. I’ve been told he’s motivated by vengeance for this loss. Personally I’ve lost tens of millions of euros when the Orco stock crashed — I know what it feels like to lose a lot of money — but I don’t understand his over-sized vengeance towards me.

And just for good measure, Ott is available on YouTube as well.


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