Return of the blob

Jan Kaplicky's design for the Czech National library

The late Czech architect Jan Kaplicky never managed to realize his design for the Czech national library, though there were offers from other towns who said they’d welcome what came to be known as the blob. Such offers were no doubt made with respect, but it seems unlikely Kaplicky would have approved them, as the Letna blob was designed for a specific purpose and for a very specific location.

His design, however, now looks in danger of being commoditized, as a Pepsi-sponsored competition for a bus stop in Brno has been won by a blob-like design. Kaplicky’s second wife has given the thumbs up to the idea, which we assume will open the flood gate for a full line of blob paraphanalia and attractions. A Red Bull skate park is easy to envision, for starters, and a 3-D animated film with blobbish main characters would certainly follow.


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