Ott strikes back

Orco CEO Jean Francois Ott has lashed out at the seven people whose legal battle over  the Zlota 44 tower in Warsaw have made it necessary for the building permit to be confirmed by the Governor of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. Ott says at the end of the day, it’s all about money. From his blog:

Their undeclared goal, which I must denounce, is to obtain the largest indemnities possible from Orco. In other words: earn money doing nothing except filing a complaint with the court. They know that Orco group has invested a lot of money and that they could expect their indemnities to be in that league. I am close to thinking that this whole thing  looks like blackmail or greenmail.


One response to “Ott strikes back

  1. Anna, Hungarian ex shareholder

    It would be the time JFO to think over his “big ideas” like Prague Bubny and Zlota 44 and get back to earth.

    Work, finish the other 73 projects, work, sell the apartments, office buildings, pay back the loans, WORK! move! do something other than just crying and blaming others for his weakness.

    It is time to put sg down to the table and show sg up to the shareholders! From 130 EUR to 4,7 EUR it is SHAME. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    I left the sinking boat at 7,75 (2095 HUF) but I would like to buy the shares back. I still believe in the company, good projects, good places to build and sell, make money. Do not waste it all, OTT!

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