New hope for Kaplicky’s blob

It’s been election time all over CEE, and the results are a reminder of how easily things can change. The debacle suffered by the Social Democrats on a national level in the Czech Republic looks like it could be repeated by ODS at the local level in Prague, after years of running the show itself.

One of the campaign issues the other parties hope to batter ODS with is its rejection of the design for the national library completed by the late Czech architect Jan Kaplicky. It seems the rest of Prague’s political spectrum wants to see the Blob (also known as the octopus) completed.

Incredibly, it means that ODS’s shameful intervention in an architectural competition could now come back to haunt it, while Prague might finally be graced by a building whose architecture is forward looking and daring.

Who cares if Kaplicky’s design is being used for political games, as long as it gets built? Trading entrenched arrogance for a helping of courage and vision — why, it’s almost something to be optimistic about…


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