Mapic 2010 update

Mapic has been fascinating, despite only around 7,000 people showing up for the decent weather. Outside of C&W’s traditional evening party, and a big lunch on the beach by Echo, most of the CEE action has been on the stands, in the Palais. That’s a big switch from years past when exhibitors had migrated to renting out the yachts in the harbor. There were a pair of exceptions, Hungarian developer TriGranit being one of them, and Pradera, which has the yacht next door.
Pradera’s cocktail party on Thursday came on the heels of their announcement that they’d purchased a trio of centers from Carpathian’s blue Knight portfolio for €40.2m: Tulipan Center (in Lodz, Kometa Center (Torun) and Sosnowiec Center. The Osowa Center in Gdansk hasn’t been included in the deal.
It also appears that Slovakia’s outlet battle should be interesting. One Fashion Outlet had a nice stand, complete with a model, brochures, the architect and leasing agents. Its most direct competitor, IPEC, doesn’t appear to have been present at Mapic, but another well-known Slovak real estate player we saw inspecting the display says he’s at work on something that will blow both of them out of the water. We took this with the appropriate pinch of salt, naturally, but you never know. Watch this space…
Just a note, one retail agent from Hungary said (off microphone) that it was the most depressing Mapic ever…anybody else find that, or is it a Budapest thing?

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