Charity drive success

We’ll have some pictures from the CIJ Awards Czech Republic later on, but for now, an update on the successful charity drive for the Children’s Smile foundation. This group is responsible for collecting donations for the Children’s Institute in Krc, Prague 4, home to roughly 100 children up to five years in age. Life doesn’t start easily for these kids, many of whom start life with the hepatitis and withdrawal symptoms passed to them by their mothers.

The financial crisis hasn’t been easy on the Children’s Institute either, as the state has reduced its funding levels to such an extent that it’s unable to afford its electricity and heat bills. This has forced it to reduce its capacity by 20%, so donations of cash are currently being used to pay for these basics of modern life.

During the Awards ceremony on Wednesday, we collected more than CZK 77,000 in cash along with pledges for an additional CZK 14,500. Even better, one anonymous donor after the awards ceremony made a remarkable pledge of CZK 50,000, to bring the current total to more than CZK 142,000.

Many others gave us business cards with promises to make a donation. Anyone who didn’t manage to make a donation is welcome to do so on their own, by visiting the webpages of the foundation, though we would also be more than happy to arrange a donation as well. All funds, it should go without saying, go directly to the account of the foundation, which can upon request provide the necessary documents for tax purposes.  Once again, our thanks for the generosity of the Czech property community in this endeavor.


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