An agent’s Christmas wish list

Colliers International’s director of retail solutions Ian Elliott has written an open letter to retail landlords and developers, with his own Christmas wish list. We bring you just the first three, which deal with fun, food and marketing:

Please can I have some different entertainment operators that actually deliver their promises of dreams and action and will be there in 3 years time. Can they provide different types of entertainment throughout the development instead of only in segregated zones so I can enjoy different things at different times with all my family and friends

Food courts
In a market where shops double as tourist attractions, hotels double as meeting points with lifestyle, please can we get away from a food court of kiosks and communal seating or a ‘food streets’ however they are dressed up and camouflaged in design terms. The food court in a shopping centre should reflect the trend of cafes, bars and restaurants becoming more multi-use, and seek to offer culture, entertainment and shopping as well as something to eat and drink.

Centre Marketing
Give me better and more targeted marketing which relates to my customers and it can be proved to increase footfall and turnover. That will be worth the cost but please, please do not give me a Christmas flyer full of pictures and prices when my customers are under 30 and do not read anything socially unless it comes up on their smart phone.

If you want the rest, you’ll have to ask Ian nicely. He claims he’ll be sending another in a month’s time. Our suggestion is for New Year’s resolutions retailers should be making for 2011…


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