Orco picks Złota 44’s new general contractor

Orco disclosed today the name of a general contracting company that will resume works on the developer’s landmark project in Warsaw, Złota 44. The new general contractor is Italian company Inso/Consorzio  Cooperative  Costruzioni.

Orco is officially relaunching the construction of Złota 44 project in Warsaw, on Friday December 10. The company plans a high-profile event, with the project’s architect Daniel Libeskind present. Złota 44 has been halted for over a year now due to financing issues and a fight from the project’s neighbors who had the project’s permits rescinded until it was reinstated recently.


4 responses to “Orco picks Złota 44’s new general contractor

  1. What a pity to see Warsaw defiled by a pretentious Libeskind-designed building. As cities like Denver, Dublin, Milan and Toronto can attest, Libeskind brings ignomy, not cachet to the process. Pity the fools who take this fool seriously.

    • Is it just me, or does this sound personal? Suggesting that Zlota 44 will _defile_ central Warsaw? I may be wrong, but…have you been in Warsaw before?

  2. JD has obviously never been to Warsaw. Personally I think the building will be a landmark. What for me are the key questions:
    1. How many people will still buy the overpriced apartments. They were expensive before the crash they are craaaazy now. Also they were far too big.
    2. How Unicredito will deal with the existing debt and will they finance the rest. Anyone think its a coincidence an Italian company never even built a newspaper kiosk in Poland is going to do the job?
    3. Will Orco make any money on it?

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