Croatian police detain JF Ott

Orco Group spokeswoman Petra Zdenkova has confirmed that the group’s CEO JF Ott was detained by two Croat police after a briefing with the media. “The police said he should follow them or be arrested and they have given us no details,” she told Bloomberg. “This is an unprecedented move from their side and it came as a surprise to us.”

Ott had reportedly failed to reach an agreement yesterday with Croatian government officials on how to proceed with the indebted Suncani Hvar island resort.  He claimed Orco was pushing forward with a plan that had the support of leading banks in the country, including Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d.  Zdenkova said it was expected Ott would be released after questioning.

It’s a strange one, that’s for sure. Why wait until after a press conference? Why not ask questions during the actual meetings? Just have to wait and see.


One response to “Croatian police detain JF Ott

  1. Great advertisment for the Croatian investment market I dont think.

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