Orco and Millenius end dispute

Remember all that fuss earlier in the year over Milenius and its attempts to unseat JF Ott from the helm of Orco Property Group? Don’t bother. It’s apparently not an issue any more:

Millenius, Fideicom, Clannathone and Bugle have formally and irrevocably agreed to withdraw from these legal proceedings and abandon the positions they took during the course of these proceedings. Orco Property Group has accepted their withdrawal and abandonment without reservation.
Jean-François Ott – President and CEO stated: “While the Company has solid legal arguments at its disposal to obtain a legal victory, I am pleased with this agreement that formally ends the legal proceedings brought against us and thereby allows us to avoid the time and expenses that would have been needed to sustain a long legal process.

The full statement from Orco is here.


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