News: Erbud, Polfa Tarchomin

Erbud’s contract with Dom Development
The Polish construction company Erbud,  has signed a contract with Dom Development for the construction of the second phase of its residential scheme called Wilno. The PLN 19.6m project is being built on Klukowska Street in Warsaw. Work is expected to take 16 months on the three buildings, which will offer 117 flats and underground parking. Construction is expected to complete by September 2011.
Polfa Tarchomin sells properties
As part of the company’s privatization, Polfa Tarchomin has started offloading properties. The most immediate consequence is the announcement of a tender for 75 ha of land in the Białołęka district of Warsaw, and a health resort in Rybitwy in the Mazury lake district with 50 bungalows. The tender should be complete by the end of May. Media reports suggest that JW Construction is one of the companies in the running for the land.

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