News: Prokom and TriGranit

TriGranit hints at huge pipeline
The Hungarian developer TriGranit has announced 10 major investments plans its has for Poland’s largest 10 cities. They are all are large multifunctional building with retail, residential and office components. CEO Sandor Demjan wouldn’t reveal any further details, however, as it could negativley affect negotiations with its partners.
Prokom denies exit rumors
Prokom Investments has announced it intends to increase its shareholding in Polnord beyond its current 35.2% stake. The company’s net profit in 2011 came in at PLN 15.7m, Prokom’s board has let it be known it thinks the company’s share price is under-valued at the moment. The statement was intended to refute rumors that Prokom allegedly wanted to exit from the development company.
Entire city visits mall
If the numbers are to be believed, virtually every resident of the town of Zamość visited Galeria Twierdza during its first weekend of operations. A total of 55,000 people were counted walking through the doors of the newly opened mall, which offers to 24,000 sqm GLA for shoppers.

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