News (RO): Colas and Cosmopolis

Colas back to work with contract at Suceava
SC CF Iaşi-Grup Colas (part of the Bouygues group) has won a €6.1m
contract for work on the Suceava by-pass. It’s significant because the contract is the first it’s been awarded since being taken off the job building 20 km of highway between Medgidia-Cernavoda because of delays.

Cosmpolis offering family homes
Opus Land Development (part of the Buyukhanli group) is selling 8 2-storey family homes, each of which feature two 3-bedrooms. They’re part of the Cosmopolis project begin built in Stefanestii de Jos, a small town near Bucharest. The homes are expected to fetch around €90,000 each. Cosmopolis has enjoyed considerable success, as its first phase of 586 flats and its second phase of just 48 units have all been sold. Another 125 are to be completed by the end of the year.


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