News (PL): Covec and Sawa Wilanów

Covec cancels A2 contract
The Chinese contractor building a 50 km stretch of the A2 motorway accompany has announced it’s cancelling its contract with the Polish General Directorate of Roads and Highways. Covec blamed delayed payments from the state and unexpected rises in the prices of construction materials. The Polish Ministry of Infrastructure is insisting Covec make all back payments to its subcontractors.

Sawa Wilanów flats on sale
Flats are going on sale at Sawa Wilanów, a complex of seven 4-storey apartments buildings that’s being developed by Sawa Apartments and BRE Property Partner. Just 110 units will be built in the first phase of the project, which will eventually offer 300 units ranging in size from 30 sqm to 150 sqm. Prices start at PLN 6,600 and go as high as PLN 8,400.


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