Prague mass transit strike: Thursday

In case you were planning to travel to the Czech Republic on Thursday, don’t. Or at least make alternative travel arrangements. Or re-think your appointment times for the day: the Czech unions will be doing their best French and Greek imitation and shutting down the country’s mass transit system. So trains, metros, buses, tram — the works. Flights should be fine, but build in some time for a longer-than-normal taxi ride.

For some reason, the unions obeyed a court ruling over the weekend that said their original plan to strike today (Monday) was illegal. This sort of lap dog obedience automatically no doubt earned them sneers from Athens and Paris, so now they’re warning that they’ll make the strike nastier, and longer. Because they’re, like, super-mad, or something. The strike is the standard backlash against planned reforms and austerity, etc., etc. [see Wikipedia for background…]

What usually happens, by the way, is that the Czech unions puff out their chests for a while. But then they back down and settle for a few of their guys taking the day off to wave banners and singing songs during a walk down Wenceslas Square. Could be different this time.

Update: Doesn’t look like it will be different this time.


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