News (PL): A2, Techmex

Two weeks till A2 restart
Last Poland’s General Directorate of Roads and Highways (GDDKiA) has canceled its contract with the Chinese contractor Covec for the construction of two portions of the A2 motorway. It’s now demanding the company pay fines of PLN 741m for breaching the PLN 1.3m contract covering 50km of the highway linking Stryków with Konotopa. While it’s sacked the Chinese, it will still have to wait 14 days in order to select a replacement, according to Puls Biznesu daily reports. It’s not known yet whether the contractor will be selected by tender or through negotiations.

Bankrupt Techmex’s asset on sale
Danuta Wieczorek, the receiver in charge of the Techmex bankrupty, expects the list of claims against the company to be finalized within a few days, reports  One of the company’s more valuable asset is an office building in Bielsk. Most of the offices are currently leased, and the rental income is covering costs. Sale procedures are expected to begin soon.


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