News (PL): Kaufland, JW Construction

J.W. Construction suspends dividends
For the second year in a row, J.W. Construction will not be pay a dividend on its profits for 2010, which amounted to PLN 79.4m. The company made the announcement when it released some of the details of its annual report for last year. The company made a profit of PLN 77.1m in 2009.

Kaufland buying from P.A. Nova
The developer P.A. Nova had sold the rights to a piece of land to Kaufland, and it will be building a store for the retailer as well on the land. The deal, which included the construction of road communications to the site, has been agreed at PLN 21.5m. The two parties, who refused to say where the land was located, have done business together before. P.A. Nova sold land to and built a store for Kaufland in Jaworzno in a PLN 30m deal first reported in 2008.


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