News (PL): Inpro, La Palm

Inpro focusing on luxury investments
The developer Inpro closed the second quarter of 2011 with a loss of PLN 322m, however it intends to deliver additional office space and a luxury hotel. It’s increasing its exposure to commercial property with projects planned in Poland’s regional cities. It’s received a construction permit for two new office projects in Gdansk that are located near Park City, one of Inpro’s housing investments. The company is looking to add to its land bank and will be concentrating on Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, Toruń and Poznań to do so.

PLN 40m amusement park planned for Warsaw
The investor La Palm is planning to develop an amusement park called Adventure World Warsaw. Claiming inspiration from Disneyland parks, this new scheme in Grodzisk Mazowiecki is believed to be an investment of €400m, with 800 rooms provided by two hotels and a retail component. Construction is expected to start in spring 2012 with completion set for 2014.


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