Court throws out permit for ECM Pankrac scheme

Chalk one up for the activist groups. A court in Prague has stripped ECM’s scheme City Epoque of its urban planning permit thanks to a suit brought by local residents. The ruling is unlikely to please creditors of the company, whose huge debts forced it into bankruptcy. The V-shaped building was supposed to house 126 apartments, along with some penthouses that would have their own swimming pools. Like every single other project that’s ever been built in Pankrac, it’s been dogged by persistent local activists.

We were always impressed with the marketing for this ambitious scheme, which provided a rare glimpse into the mind of its target group…at least in the mind of its developer. Its project description reads as follows:

Unmissable. Unmistakable. Unique in every sense of the word. Unique in its stylish and monumental character. Unique in rising, in a bold V-shape, to 104 meters in height.

A building from which you command the entire metropolis with a single glance. The sun will rise for you alone, and you will be the first throughout the land to glimpse her rays at dawn.

No need for the morning coffee when there’s this sort of heart-thumping poetry-for-oligarchs on tap…We just wanted to share, in case the project’s website is taken down anytime soon.


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