CEDEM concludes on cautionary note

CEDEM CEE wrapped up early this afternoon, and it was interesting to see the difference of moods. For whatever reasons, when speaking about the specific markets yesterday, the mood was slightly upbeat, with practical solutions and strategies being put forward. Today, the mood was less optimistic, reflecting a realization that we’re not about to move out of this period of stress and volatility any time soon. Nor is credit for new developments likely to get any easier to come by. Right at the end, there were real concerns raised that we could be entering rather dangerous waters, and that the best strategy for some looks to be just to sit tight, spend no money. Back in the office, checking out the world’s stock markets, it’s not hard to figure out where that sentiment is coming from. It’s tough all over. What this will mean for CEE’s property markets in the short-term is really anyone’s guess.


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