Multi Corp sell two Czech malls

Multi Corporation has sold a pair of Czech shopping malls — Forum Usti nad Labem and Nova Karolina – for nearly €300m. The buyer was a joint venture between the RE investment manager Meyer Bergman (whose name started popping up in these parts a couple months ago) and one of its investors.

Forum Usti nad Labem is a 27,000 sqm center that opened in 2009, while the 58,000 sqm mall Nova Karolina is still being built in Ostrava. Completion is expected in March 2012. Salans along with Cushman & Wakefield acted for Meyer Bergman in the transaction. Interestingly, Multi’s sale of Forum Liberec in August was announced just last week, so this puts that deal into a bit clearer perspective.


One response to “Multi Corp sell two Czech malls

  1. Martijn Kanters

    What a week for the CZ investment market!

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