C&W: C. Europe investment volumes rising

There’s mounting evidence that investment deals have been accelerating in Central Europe, with the latest numbers coming from a Cushman & Wakefield report.

Investment activity in Central Europe continues to accelerate, with € 2.32 billion invested in the core CE markets of Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania in Q3 2011. This is significantly ahead of the € 706 million invested in Q2 2011. Year to date, investment volumes for the region stand at €4.61 billion, more than double the €1.95 billion invested over the same period in 2010.

The numbers of course with the caveat that recent deal activity appears to be slowing as a result of the current concerns over Europe’s debt issues.

“Transaction activity is back at 2005 levels and Q4 2011 is expected to be strong in Poland, Czech and Hungary,” says Charles Taylor, C&W’s MD in Budapest. “That said, we cannot ignore the increasing economic uncertainty which is starting to impact on investor confidence and also the availability of finance, both of which could slow market activity in the closing months of this year.”


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