Slovakia on the big stage

All eyes are on Bratislava today, and it’s not because the Slovaks are facing the footballing powerhouse that is Macedonia in a few hours. Months ago, when it was obvious that saving Greece and the rest of Europe was going to take EU countries forking over a lot more money than they’d planned for, the thinking was that Germany would prove to be the sticking point. Either its politicians would refuse to provoke a public averse to throwing good money after bad, or its constitutional court would make it impossible. Neither of those predictions came true.

Instead, whether or not to increase funding  of the European Financial Stability Facility has come down to a vote in the Slovak parliament this afternoon. It’s become a matter of confidence in the government, so the tension’s really building down there.

(Update: for those hoping the Slovaks would give their rubber stamp yes vote, it’s squeaky bum time. Meaning it’s not looking good. The coalition partners were allegedly close to agreement, but a trio of egos got in the way. The head of the Normal People Igor Matovič said according to “It was just a single step from being done, but they weren’t willing to take it. Nobody. Testosterone won out and common sense stayed at home.” Don’t know where things go from here, there seems to be a potential vote coming up later today, but the government may be going down.)

Ok, it looks like everyone’s linking to this now….probably because it’s funny (and pertinent).


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