Slovaks say no to bailout, Poles say yes to Tusk

-Slovakia’s parliament refused to approve a measure to expand the European bailout fund, making it the only Euro zone country to do so. Since Slovakia’s PM insisted the issue be linked with a vote of confidence, the government has fallen. The opposition Smer party looks set to support the bailout fund in a repeat vote (since it wouldn’t be supporting the government by doing so) and it’s thought this would be enough to get the measure through. It’ll be interesting to watch the fallout for Slovakia over this.

-On the other end of the political stability spectrum, Poland’s prime minister Donald Tusk won that country’s recent elections, meaning he gets another term at the wheel. His first term was marked by improved relations both with Germany and with Russia, and surprising economic success given the troubles experienced by the rest of Europe.

-Inflation in September fell faster in Romania than expected, slumping to 3.45. That’s the lowest level the country’s experienced in 20 years. Most economists had projected a rate of 4%. It could lead to a reduction in interest rates by the central bank.


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