The deal must go on

Was struck last night in Warsaw by the people talking about some pretty major transactions set to go through before the end of the year (not just in Poland), whether or not things get hairy on th European front. That’s definitely a change from, say, 2009 when so many people were waiting for prices to fall still further. There just doesn’t seem to be this general expectation of profits coming to those who wait. Instead, you sense that those who have managed to raise money are intent on spending it. Most of them won’t spend the funds at any price, since there really do seem to have been some big lessons learned.

On the other hand, now, as then, there always seems to be someone who’s willing to overspend, sort of like Man City, but without the insistence on top quality. Except with Man City, you basically know where that money’s coming from. In the case of some of these investors, it’s not quite so clear. If there are some bullish investors and brokers about, though, we’ve heard of a few rental deals where current European politics is making them hesitate or cancel deals. Don’t know if that’s a trend, mind you, or just an agent looking for excuses, but it should become clear in the coming weeks.


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