Erotica: Coming to a mall near you

We’ve thrown out half a dozen headline ideas already to tell readers how Cushman & Wakefield has picked up on a trend we mentioned a few months back about the expansion of the Erotic City store network in the Czech Republic. Unthinkable five years ago, C&W says the chain has grown to 75 outlets. Size does matter, in this case, since the more common such stores  become, the more difficult it will be for mall owners to say no.

“The market for erotic goods is rather specific, in that customers are loyal to their brands, and tapping a market is difficult for international companies. Czechs are also conservative in this respect. There is only one firm in our country that has been capable of building a network of shops all over the country,” says  Ivan Michněvič from Cushman & Wakefield’s retail team. She admits, though, that there are some linger(ie)ing concerns that customers or adjacent stores could object.

Erotic City isn’t buying that argument anymore, though. “The sales of erotic goods in Western Europe are integrated more commonly into people’s lives. I am convinced that the Erotic City concept in shopping centres is decent and does not agitate anyone. We have encountered no negative responses from landlords or centre management in the shopping centres where our outlets are located,” says Vladimír Jelínek, Development Director of City Relax, the operator of the Erotic City shops.


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