Warimpex operating result improves

It’s a mixed bag for Warimpex in its QIII results filing. It concentrates on the improvement in operations, which rose 18% to €13.5m thanks largely to better performance of its hotels (Warimpex now runs 20 hotels). Not only was Warimpex able to benefit from an upturn in tourism over the period, but it managed to exit its 25% share in the Sobieski hotel (with a profit of €2.3m). EBITDA rose 15% to €17.7m over the same period. However, some writedowns on assets that took effect in September helped produce  a loss over the period of €2.8m. Total revenues of the group rose 8% to €81m.

“The outlook for the fourth quarter on the transaction market is quite positive. We are currently in the midst of promising negotiations, one of which is in its final stage, and we are confident that we will have good news to report in the coming days,” said Warimpex CEO Franz Jurkowitsch.


One response to “Warimpex operating result improves

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