The pain stays mainly in Spain

There’s good news, and bad news. The more hopeful signals are coming from the United States, where the economy now appears to be gaining strength. Not only is the car sector picking up steam, according to economists, but even the housing market, which had been dragging the country down, is producing enough ouput to start giving even the pessimists pause for thought. On the other side of the coin, we have Spain, which is doing its best to ruin what slender hopes of recovery there were for Europe. Its central bank says the country is back in recession, basing the statement on the country’s performance in Q1 2012, as GDP slid 0.3%.


3 responses to “The pain stays mainly in Spain

  1. wow!!! always nice to see an optimist lol.

  2. Cynics always think they’re so clever…but you can’t argue away the [albeit fragile] signs of recovery in the US…

  3. Mowing down property owners newly built villas to make way for infrastrucutre/amenities with little compensation for the owners didn’t exactly instill trust in the investment community!

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