Warsaw fires museum architect

In what can only be called an epic fail, the city of Warsaw has fired the architect of the city’s new museum of modern art. Swiss Christian Kerez won the competition way back in 2007, but somehow the project got bogged down in regulations and even plumbing permits.

Kerez blamed the delays on city officials who he said obstructed his work or made impossible demands. He also said it was city authorities’ responsibility to get permission for plumbing, electricity and other installations.

We don’t claim to have the inside scoop (yet) on how this all came about, but it seems a pretty lame way to get fired from a job in one of Europe’s most ambitious, dynamically developing cities. If we remember correctly, the whole sorry affair was a series of contractual spats where Kerez was unhappy with his fee, and to be fair, the city wanted changes made to the original design. Still, it looks like it probably was time for Warsaw to move on. The word you always read by critics of Kerez’s design was the word “supermarket”…as in, they thought it looked like one. Whether fair or now, the city will be holding a new tender, for a new architect and a new design.

In other words, back  to the drawing board.


One response to “Warsaw fires museum architect

  1. It is no surprise to anyone that Kerez wouldn’t come to an agreement with whoever. He has one the worst personalities in the architectural business. No wonder no one wants to work with him anymore.

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