Lessons in corruption

A fine example of how to fix a tender is reported on in today’s Hospodarske noviny. It goes back to the now disgraced Social Democratic power broker David Rath, the governor of the Central Bohemian region, who became involved in the reconstruction of an old castle not far from the Prague airport.

It had already come out that some bright sparks realized that a tender for the work had come up with a price that failed to, shall we say, realize its full potential. So the tender was scrapped and a new one was held.

Lo and behold, the new project came out tens of millions of crowns more expensive (but who cares, since the EU was going to foot a lot of the bill, right). Turns out, writes HN, that the winning company, Konstruktiva Branko, actually prepared the documentation for all the bids of all the shortlisted companies. As in, they all agreed to take a back seat in order to provide cover for the winner. Very professionally done, all in all. A real textbook example that criminals everywhere can learn from. Except that someone in the whole complicated web of relationships had been talking to the police about it for months.

The real wonder of it all is that no one in the police team investigating the plot tipped off any of the actors, making it possible for Rath to be nabbed, red-handed, with CZK 7m in cash, in his car (he was also carrying a gun).


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