I spy…

These kind of pictures should be used in the foundation design classes taken by civil engineers. Anyone with a construction background seen anything interesting in any of the pictures you’ve seen of the 3nity accident? Like this one above (click to enlarge).

Slovak on-line chatter is wondering about that slab of concrete you can see just hanging there, suspended in mid-air it seems by a steel webbing. They would have expected to see steel rods sticking out of the remaining wall, if it was reinforced steel. And if it wasn’t, investigators will probably be asking if it should have been. Any thoughts from construction people?

On or off-record by email to editor at cijjournal com.

2 responses to “I spy…

  1. First of all, we are not talking about foundation design, as this is above ground and therefore superstructure elements are involved.

    Second, there are distrurbing signs of catastrophicc failure of the slabs (presumably top level, under the grass and soil), followed by catastrophic failure of slabs below due to overloading. There is no sign of strain (lengthening or reinforcing rods) failure.

    Third, the amount of soil on the top slab seems quite thick, more than i would expect.

    Fourth, had it rained recently?

    Often with this type of failure there is one item that fails but this is often due to a number of differing factors involved in the case (e.g. poor design, bad execution, lack of inspections/checks, changes not approved by designers, etc., etc.).

    Obviously, it is not possible to say what issue (or issues) caused this failure at this time and i am sure an enquiry by parties involved (if not a Civil case) will be carried out to ascertain cause and find ways to prevent this happening again.

  2. Oh dear, what a mess. You’d expect to see a tangled mess of rebar. Top slab looks a little thin – hard to gauge by that photo. Concrete didn’t cure properly, wet soil dumped on in a hurry to get finished?

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