Yet another roof collapse

plazaPilsenYet another developer/property owner has dodged a bullet, after no one was killed in the latest roof collapse. This one took place in a multiplex theater in Pilsen at the Plaza shopping center. Five people were injured in the accident, with one woman requiring hospital care after, but thankfully, luckily, no one was killed. It’s hard not to think back to another shopping center in Poland last year that saw a roof cave in, and to the the stunning collapse of a roof in Bratislava, without asking just what’s going wrong?

These days it’s popular to scoff at the endless due diligence process going on, and brush off complaints about CEE developers/ construction companies / investors skimping on quality. This kind of near-disaster, though, is a stark reminder of just how much is at stake. Waiting for the police to complete their usual 8 month investigation that turns up nothing specific is an effective PR strategy, because the shock wears off and people forget. But it’s certainly not good enough.


One response to “Yet another roof collapse

  1. There should be full and comprehensive investigations and recommendations made by the various professional engineering institutions. If codes have been followed, then codes need to change. If faults have been made then licences need to be withdrawn.

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